Patek Philippe World Time Calatrava 5130G


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Patek Philippe World Time Calatrava in white gold. This is the reference 5130G from 2006 as stated in Patek Philippe Archive Extract that accompanies the watch. This example features the silver dial with contrasting 24 hour indication and surrounding world time disc. This reference features a 39.5mm case diameter with exhibition case back. The watch houses a self-winding calibre 240HU movement. Finally, the watch is complimented by its original blue Patek Philippe crocodile strap and white gold deployment clasp.

The watch is in excellent original condition with minor signs of use. The service history is unknown however we have tested the watch and it is keeping excellent time. In addition to this, the watch is fully functioning and therefore not in need of an immediate service. The strap is also excellent.

Overall this is an excellent example of a relatively under appreciated model by Patek Philippe. In our opinion, not only does this watch represent good value compared to other models, it is also very elegant and versatile timepiece that can be worn for all occasions.


London – UK


Patek Philippe


World Time Calatrava






White Gold


Self-Winding Calibre 240HU




PP leather strap, white gold deployment


Founded in 1839 by Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek, Patek Philippe began life as Patek, Czapek & Cie, whereby it existed until 1845 until it was broken up as a result of a disagreement between the two founders. Joined by French watchmaker Adrien Philippe, Antoine Patek renamed the company Patek & Cie on May 15th, 1845. Under its new leadership, Patek Philippe continued to evolve as a watchmaker, offering some of the finest timepieces the world had seen. With royal customers like Queen Victoria and Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in the mid-1800s, Patek Philippe’s products had found their way to the perfect audience. From there, Patek Philippe continued to evolve well into the 20th century (even following a company restructuring) and become known as the apex of Swiss watchmaking.

Today, Patek Philippe’s reputation precedes them as they are well-established as one of the best watchmakers on Earth, in more ways than one. While some brands specialise in particular complications, designs and uses, Patek Philippe found their niche in supplying a broad range of watches that were, to be frank, better than everyone else’s. Continuing that very same vein, Patek today is one of the brands that continue to outperform others in desirability, brand equity and watchmaking prowess.

In 1993, Patek Philippe was taken under the control of Philippe Stern as President of the company. Under his vision Patek has continued with their traditional approach to watchmaking, remaining undeterred by market trends, the desires of the masses and the appeal of quick short-term revenue generation. A busy decade by all accounts, the ’90s saw Patek introduce several new models such as the Aquanaut and Twenty-4. Alongside arising competition from brands like Lange & Söhne and under Philippe Stern’s direction, Patek began to vertically integrate their manufacturing processes to ensure the quality of its timepieces. A significant move at the time, this eradicated Patek’s reliance on third-party suppliers and allowed them to remain ahead of the curve as far as what their competition was doing.